Our Approach

We value the importance of customer delight.  We actively listen to your opportunities and apply our experience to continuously improve your business.

Our Story

We have been part of the ever-changing world of software engineering.  In the past 8 to 10 years companies have overemphasized speed and may have lost a quality focus.  We believe from our experiences if you want to delight customers you must apply cognitive techniques to achieve high quality.  We believe that our approach of Just Enough Testing, JET, will increase quality and not impact the software delivery speed..

Meet the Team

Our team wields an agile, quality first, and delivery focused mindset.  Everyone has the skills and experience to resolve complicated business puzzles.

carl_shaulis small

Carl Shaulis

Founder & Chief Testing Officer

An industry leader in Software Quality Assurance and Agility.

I am passionate about accelerating teams to continuously improve.  I take pride in being a servant leader.  I love to test software in a rapid and cognitive manner.


Engage with Wield LLC

If your enterprise has challenges in agility, quality, or delivery we have the experience to help provide your customer's greater value.